Wine on Tap - The future of wine?

You may have noticed that there is a new trend in bars, restaurants and pubs... perhaps you have partaken in this growing trend... or perhaps, even turned your nose up at it... I am referring to the growing reputation of ‘Wine on Tap’ or ‘Keg Wine’.

Encouraged by a more relaxed wine culture, an overall move towards ‘drink now’ wine styles and perhaps the growing popularity of craft beer, ‘Wine on Tap’ is gaining acceptance all over the world. Similar to the introduction of screw caps to better ensure the integrity of wines, keg wines are being more widely adopted by venues and their patrons because of their ability to preserve quality. There are real benefits and savings to be made for the winery, venue and the consumer.

There is a certain romanticism and centuries-old tradition associated with bottled wine. It is the favoured wine vessel the world over, but traditional wine packaging does have its draw backs:

  • The myriad of different packaging materials (glass bottles, corks, capsules, labels) and processes used to deliver the final product are costly and impact on the environment
  • In the case of wines bottled under cork, there is the risk of cork taint
  • For wines available by the glass in restaurants and bars, there is the possibility of oxidation and wastage of opened bottles of wine

Whilst consumers won’t be abandoning bottled wine any time soon, ‘Wine on Tap’ is gaining a following as a better way to enjoy wines by the glass in hospitality venues.


DOWIE DOOLE is one of the Australian Wineries pioneering the market for Keg Wines. One of the common misconceptions is that keg wine is a substitute for cask or bulk wine. On the contrary... DOWIE DOOLE’S Chief Winemaker Chris Thomas believes that keg wines will gain growing acceptance as a sustainable method of dispensing premium wines in venues Australia wide:

Our range of premium keg wines are a more economical, more sustainable solution to wine by the glass without compromising on quality– Chris Thomas

There are currently four DOWIE DOOLE keg wines available to hospitality venues:

DOWIE DOOLE White Wines by the Keg

Sauvignon Blanc

Chenin Blanc

DOWIE DOOLE Red Wines by the Keg

Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz / Merlot


DOWIE DOOLE wine kegs are being enjoyed at innovative establishments that embrace the ‘Wine on Tap’ philosophy of offering the best tasting wines pour after pour.

Check out these incredible venues in Brisbane that currently feature DOWIE DOOLE wines on tap:

The Charming Squire

Pig n Whistle – Riverside 

Pig n Whistle – Brunswick Street 

Pig n Whistle – West End 

The following venues will be showcasing DOWIE DOOLE keg wines in the coming months:

Jimmy’s on the Mall

Pig n Whistle – Indooroopilly 

Modern wine drinkers are breaking with tradition and embracing the ‘Wine on Tap’ phenomenon... and for good reason. 

The Truth about Wine Kegs:

  • Keg wines are best suited to ‘drink now’ wine styles that can be enjoyed by the glass or decanter without compromising on quality
  • There are enormous economic and environmental advantages without sacrificing quality
  • Environmentally friendly! The use of kegs reduces the need for lots of different packaging materials and kegs are reusable and fully recyclable - drastically reducing the carbon footprint of keg wine when compared to bottled wine
  • Wine is stored in specially designed kegs to eliminate exposure to oxygen and light so that consistent quality of the wine can be maintained and to prevent wastage, oxidation and spoilage
  • Wine on tap offers fast and efficient service in bustling bars and restaurants
  • Keg wines are the most cost effective option for the winery to produce, the venue to serve and the drinker to enjoy
  • Keg wine is NOT bulk wine. Wines on tap have been selected for their quality, drinkability and popularity

So the next time you see DOWIE DOOLE Wine on Tap... Give it a try! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

August 10, 2016


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