2016 Hooley Dooley White


Brand: Dowie Doole

Title: 1+ bottle rate

Sauvignon Blanc 54%  |  Chenin Blanc 46%

A lively and vibrant white wine, the Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc combining to produce a fun yet complex wine.

"HOOLEY DOOLEY” is a uniquely Australian expression of surprise, amazement and awe and perfectly mirrors this delicious wine inside the bottle. HOOLEY DOOLEY has provided a perfect solution for those who have trouble with our name; it’s what you say when you can’t pronounce DOWIE DOOLE.

We wanted this wine to reflect our vineyards and a modern Australian approach to winemaking. This wine is made to be fun, approachable and have a high degree of drinkability.


Colour: Medium straw, with a light green hue.

Nose: Lifted and fruit driven, the Sauvignon Blanc adding notes of cut-grass & snow pea, while the Chenin Blanc adds more tropical notes of passionfruit and guava.

Palate: A vibrant palate full of soft fruits, offering upfront fruit flavours that follow on from the nose. A fine acid line from the Chenin Blanc gives a lovely fresh finish.