COVID-19 - Our hygiene commitment

Our Hygiene Commitment


There is a lot of uncertainty due to COVID-19 at the moment, but here at DOWIE DOOLE we are business as usual. We want to ensure the health and safety of the DOWIE DOOLE Tasting Pod, our staff, our customers, and our community by taking these necessary precautions:- 

  • All staff have been educated on extra precautionary hygiene for themselves and the Tasting Pod.  
  • We have ensured that all tables are at least 1m apart.
  • We will clean more rigorously and more often throughout our Tasting Pod, bathrooms, table tops, door handles etc.  
  • Hand sanitiser is available in the Tasting Pod for all to use. 
  • We use a glass washer that doesn’t require polishing minimising any potential cross contamination between glasses and polishing cloths. 
  • We have moved to using single use cloths when cleaning.  
  • We will now be operating as a cashless Tasting Pod, so we ask that all transactions are paid with card. 
  • All staff will continue to wear disposable plastic gloves when preparing food. 
  • Tables will be kept unset in the Tasting Pod ensuring glasses are always clean and fresh. 
  • Whilst walk-ins will be accommodated bookings will be preferred so we can manage our numbers at the Tasting Pod. 
As recommended by professionals, we ask that everyone respects the social guidelines and if you are showing any signs of cold or flu, we ask that you remain at home. 
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and endeavour to respond as quick as possible to any future changes.

However, in this time if it is wine you require then DOWIE DOOLE can help!