Chief Winemaker - Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas has been involved with Dowie Doole since 2008 but officially became Chief Winemaker in 2011. Chris graduated in Oenology from the University of Adelaide in 2003 and has a wealth of experience working for top wineries including Fox Creek and Serafino Wines in McLaren Vale and also abroad with Domaine Changarnier in Burgundy, France.

As Chief and sole winemaker, Chris has worked closely with our founders to produce wines that encapsulate the spirit of McLaren Vale and nearby regions.

In 2015 Chris, along with other investors, bought the DOWIE DOOLE wine label and took on the role of Managing Director in addition to his Winemaking responsibilities. When he isn’t crafting wines of exceptional quality, he travels the world spreading the DOWIE DOOLE story.


DOWIE DOOLE wines capture the essence of the vineyards in which they were grown and the vintage in which they have been produced - and in the case of the single vineyard wines - an expression of each vineyards individuality.

It is this sense of place – encapsulated in a bottle that has earned DOWIE DOOLE a reputation for crafting regionally distinctive wines. Put simply… our winemaking starts in the vineyard.

Chief Winemaker Chris Thomas works closely with the viticultural team to ensure the consistent quality of the fruit that goes into each and every bottle of DOWIE DOOLE wine. Once harvested, the grapes are hand crafted into premium wines with minimal intervention.